I have thought about writing this so many times in the last few months. I just wasn't quite sure what to say or how to begin, but here we go. Earlier this year I wrote about waiting and now I am here to say that the thing I was waiting on most has finally…Read more Praise!


School is Scary

I have been talking about going back to college for a while┬ánow. I haven't been in any college class since 2011 and I never finished my degree. While I am super excited about finally looking to going back, I am also terrified. I didn't have the best grades in college the first time around. First…Read more School is Scary

Call Me Tired

If I could describe myself in one word right now, it would be tired. Or exhausted. We have been going, going, going the past few weeks. Last month we had youth camp, the week after that we moved back to Oklahoma, the week after that is this week which is VBS at our new church.…Read more Call Me Tired