They say grief comes in waves. Don't picture a calm shoreline. It may be like that some days But some days its a hurricane. The rain is beating me down. I can't stand on my own. The waves threaten to drown. I can't get to safety. Then I see a hand. It reaches into the…Read more Waves


When God gives us more than we can handle

I know you have heard it. The well-meaning sympathizers who try to comfort you in times of trial with the popular phrase “God will never give you more than you can handle.” It has crept into our churches and has found it's way into our theologies. While there is a place in Scripture that is…Read more When God gives us more than we can handle

School is Scary

I have been talking about going back to college for a while now. I haven't been in any college class since 2011 and I never finished my degree. While I am super excited about finally looking to going back, I am also terrified. I didn't have the best grades in college the first time around. First…Read more School is Scary